Smoking is already banned in New York's restaurants and bars and its parks and public walkways. Now people are trying to ban smoking in your own damn home.

Several Manhattan co-op and condo buildings are holding votes that would ban smoking in the entire building. Yes, even in the unit that you will be paying off for the next 30 years. That's just insane. New Yorkers live in very close quarters and their behavior—everything from what they cook to how loud they listen to their music—effects their neighbors, but no one should be able to tell you what to do in your own damn house. If they stop us from smoking, next they'll be able to ban drinking or cooking smelly fish or watching animated pornography while tightening a belt around your neck because it feels oh so good. And it's not like there are that many more options for smokers. As it is you can barely smoke on the sidewalk anymore.

While smoking may be detrimental to other people in the building, it's not that horrible. It's not anymore disruptive or damaging than a couple that has a screaming baby. I would like to ban those, but if you bring that up at a condo meeting, you're some kind of animal. Leave smoking alone. If you don't want to be living in the same structure as people who smoke, then buy a stand-alone house in Westchester and leave the rest of us alone—with our freedom.

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