Like a videogame before it, the long-delayed remake of the '80s Cold War action flick Red Dawn (in which evil Russians invade the US and a group of American teens begin a guerrilla campaign against them) has decided to change the villains of their film from Chinese to North Korean. Only problem? The movie's already been filmed.

Yeah, so they're going in and digitally replacing flags and stuff. Of course they won't be able to change all the dialogue and other references to China, but they'll try! So it'll just be a confusing muddle, basically. This is all happening because Chinese newspapers had grown wise to the fact that a movie depicting evil Chineses invading precious America was coming out, and so they got upset. China being a fairly big movie market, what with its billion or so people, MGM decided they maybe should attempt to not piss them off. The North Koreans are always and forever mad at us, and what're they gonna do about it anyway, so it was an easy replacement choice.

So, that's that. The real takeaway from this story, though, is that this movie might finally be released!! A true story of victory.