Last night on The Real World: Las Vegas, Adam got drunk, Mike and Heather got kissy, and Dustin got irrationally angry in the best way.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Sure, but that doesn't give one permission to go completely apeshit and make an ass out of oneself. Adam apparently didn't get that memo, as he kicks off the episode smashing a bottle of Grey Goose in a club and getting forcibly carried back to the RW penthouse by Hard Rock security. Dude is drunk. He's so drunk that he's bouncing off the walls, spitting out water, slurring his speech, and breaking all sorts of glass objects. As Nany observed, "I've seen drunk people before but I really have never seen a guy act the way he has." I wonder how much longer Adam's going to be in the house before he gets kicked out.

It's no surprise that the housemates are embarrassed after what happened with Adam, so they opt to stay in the next day, and play an innocent game of truth or dare. Leroy sucks Naomi's toe. Conservative Mike does jumping jacks in his underwear. The three girls participate in that ancient Real World ritual of the triple kiss. Ho hum. Then Leroy dares Heather to make out with Conservative Mike. As you'll remember from last week, Gay-for-Pay Dustin and Heather have a bit of a thing going on. As Mike feels as if he's "Dustin's boy," he initially refuses the dare, not wanting to upset The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Fratpad-Spencer. Alas, Heather goes in for a kiss, everyone laughs, and a good time is had by all. All except Dustin, of course.


Let's be real here - Dustin got irrationally upset. Awesomely reality TV irrationally upset. The best part of his confrontation with Mike was the tough guy, almost hood accent he suddenly picked up. Where did that come from? Anyway, it seems as if Dustin's anger over the truth or dare kiss is doing him no favors with Heather, who voiced her displeasure with the whole situation.