A shocking—and sexxy—new study reveals: The vast majority of college-educated women didn't have lesbian sex in college, and same-sex experiences were most common among women without a high school diploma. Yes: Porn is lying to you.

Contrary to what was chronicled in the no doubt rigorously fact-checked 2003 New York magazine article "Bi for Now," and is variously described in The New York Times as a "popular stereotype," "popular perceptions," and "commonly held wisdom," college chicks are not constantly experimenting with one another, sexually (see photo above). A recent Center of Disease Control study found that only 10 percent of women ages 22 to 44 with a college degree reported having had same-sex experiences, compared with 15 percent of women in the same age bracket who lacked a high school diploma. Not only that, the number of women reporting same-sex encounters is rising more quickly among women with lower educational achievements.

How can it be that we've missed this important sociological fact? Is it possible that New York overstated the incidence of young women enjoying each other's sexual company, including breasts? (Doubtful!) "It may be that the commonly held wisdom was wrong, that people just liked to imagine women in college having sex together," National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey posits, but, Rea, let's stop you right there—who on earth wants to imagine women in college playing spin the bottle, with each other, just to see what it's like to kiss another girl, you only go to college once?

No, it seems way too far-fetched to think people led themselves to believe that a common scenario in pornographic movies is, in fact, a common occurrence in real life. Or that news media would report on an ultimately non-existent "trend" just because it involves college-aged women sleeping in the same bed, naked or maybe wearing sexy underwear, and who cares if everyone knows about it, and hears about it, in detail.

And why would the media ignore poor, working-class or minority queer women, who face a multitude of totally unsexy hardships, in favor of focusing on the sexy sorority sisters who are totally straight and love men, but just want to experiment during college, with other women, while playing nude Twister?

No, none of that would make sense! Seems like advice columnist Dan Savage has got it right when he says that we all thought college girls were constantly boning each other, experimentationally, "because so many students sought attention for their sexual exploration" (that's a Times paraphrase). It's definitely the loudmouthed attention-seeking college-aged women in relationships with other women, who have created this image in our minds, of constant college lesbian sex, in the dorm showers, while still wearing their cheerleading outfits. What else could it possibly be?

[NYT; image via Shutterstock]