Pawnee finally held its Harvest Festival, but not without a few bumps in the road on the way. Leslie is in the unfortunate position of putting on a "cursed" event, and the news has a Tawainese animation to prove it!

April opens up and tells Andy that she loves him—to which he replies that it's "awesome sauce." Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Anne is feeling pretty bad after being dumped by Chris. So, she takes Donna's advice and goes for a guido.


Between the curses, lovelorn people, losing power and the star attraction—Ron shuts everybody up and puts them in their collective places.

The event was a huge success—as was the town's beloved Lil Sebastian. By the end of the episode, this girl had a case of the warm fuzzies.


Per request, here's Lil Sebastian's ...not-so-little Sebastian.