When Archer goes with Mallory to get her breast cancer test results back, the doctor gives Mallory a clear bill of health—and finds a lump in Archer's chest.

Having breast cancer spawns a nicer, kinder Archer who's looking to make amends—except for Brett, who called his cancer "lady vagina cancer." Let the beatdown proceed.

It also prompted Archer to connect with the Wee Baby Seamus (read about that saga here.) Who knew $100 would convince a man to tattoo a baby?


When Woodhouse asks for some time off to hit Vegas with his younger brother, Archer uses his cancer to go instead. Crazy times ensue.


In the end, the Doctor goes back and forth on his diagnosis many times and we're left wondering if Archer actually has cancer or not. Part of me thinks the show won't bring it up again for awhile, but who knows!