In the latest episode of Eagleheart, the Marshals go into hiding after witnessing a mob hit by the Albanian mafia. They soon find themselves entangled in the seedy underbelly of wife swapping & swinging.

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While hiding out in the suburbs, Chris Monsanto and the gang go from social pariahs to beloved (undercover) big shots on the swinging scene in one fell swoop, joining the Ambrosia Club and eventually converting the entire community. Looking for an easy out after discovering the club is also a militia, they alert the Albanian mafia to their whereabouts by way of commercial—letting the mafia kill the swingers and then killing the hitmen themselves.

The entire episode has mafia film undertones, specifically Casino, from which it adopts the entire end scene—even spoofing 'House of The Rising Sun' by The Animals.

Eagleheart can be seen every Thursday on Adult Swim at Midnight. Episodes can be found here.

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