There are times when taser justice is overkill — rushing a baseball field, riding a bike, being a grouchy granny, and so on. But some blatant violations of the law most certainly do deserve a tasering (sometimes with a macing on top). Violations like double parking your car, as 26-year-old Brooklyn security guard Jonathan Zimmerman did outside of his friend's house last April. From the Daily News:

He says the cop yanked the keys from the ignition and Maced him while he was still strapped in his seat belt. Next Zimmerman felt something "very, very painful," he recalled. He was zapped, pulled out of his car and Tasered two more times, he said.

A doctor later had to remove an inch-long taser prong from his back. All charges against Zimmerman were dropped, and he's now suing the police department.

Well played, NYPD.

[Image via AP]