If you didn't get the chance to see The Pee-Wee Herman Show during its run on Broadway, HBO has you covered. If you can handle seeing your favorite Playhouse pals all grown up, here's the best clips of the show!

The show made good use of the many Pee-Weeisms, such as his signature dance...

...to his love for a good staring contest...


...and he's even still adding to his big ball of foil!

We even got Penny! (I'm not sure whether or not this is actually new or not—I didn't seem to recall this particular edition.)


One thing (of the many) that seemed weird during the show were the constant references to new, pop-culture-y things. Take, for example, the clip above—when Pee-Wee learns what an Earworm is.

See what the did to Miss Yvonne? She's now a bump-it enthusiast. She even went to far as to defile Chairy with a new blonde 'do.

One of the main plot points (which really, was all over the place) was Pee-Wee's purchase of a new computer and the disapproval of the Playhouse gang. When Pee-Wee plugs in, he goes overboard—and even name-drops foursquare!

My problem? All of the sexual innuendo! They turned the Magic Screen into a desperate singleton—even going so far as to put her in a compromising position with the local firefighter (played by Josh Myers, brother of SNL's Seth Myers.) I understand that Pee-Wee's audience is all grown up now, but do the show's characters have to grow up, too?