Liberal gay and very likely socialist New York City is much like a petri dish in which liberals enact their anti-American policies unimpeded, as the rest of American looks on in horrified fascination. The city's latest far-left experiment: giving money directly to poor people so they can run out and buy Cadillacs and crack cocaine, courtesy of hardworking taxpayers. What do the cold, hard statistics say about the failings of this welfare society run amok?

Without a flood of food stamps and tax benefits for low-income families, about 250,000 more New Yorkers would have slipped into poverty at the height of the recession, according to calculations to be released Monday by city officials.

Well... maybe if we'd allowed them to slip into poverty they would have developed a better work ethic. In any case, New York is working to balance out these results by expanding rent deregulation and giving hefty tax breaks to owners of the priciest real estate in town. Starve the welfare state of its tax dollars and the whole thing comes crumbling down! Which would be...good! It's in the Bible.

[NYT. Photo: Clementine Gallot/ Flickr]