Another day, another video of some crazy psycho ruining the peaceful commute of an unfortunate New York City subway rider.

But perhaps this crazy-person incident has a silver lining! Because as you can see in this video via Animal NY, the commuter in the pale blue cardigan calmly sits and nods his head and mutters affirmatively—without showing any apparent fear or anger—as the crazy guy just inches way spits out his name, "Bloody Loco," over and over again, and demands that he "write that shit, ASAP."

We would call this a good instructional video on how to handle subterranean crazies, except for the fact that the video abruptly cuts off with no clear resolution. WHAT HAPPENED? We must know. Are you in this video? Or did you witness it? Email me at once. If the sweater guy eventually got off at his stop with no violence, this video is "How to Successfully Deal With a Crazy Person on the Subway." If the crazy guy lashed out and cut the sweater guy's throat shortly after this video ended, this video is "Why You Should Never Sit Around and Wait for a Crazy Person to Act."

If sweater guy stood up and kicked the crazy guy's ass, this would also be "How to Successfully Deal With a Crazy Person on the Subway."

[Animal NY]