A new safety video for Qantas airlines has workers for the airline up in arms—quite possibly because it begins and ends with a message from John Travolta?

Another top complaint from workers is that they don't like being called a "team" (as opposed to their job titles) and that it's just "corny." From the Telegraph,

[There was a video here]

The three-minute demonstration video, played before take-off on every domestic and long-haul Qantas flight, has angered cabin crew who say a "real pilot" - like Captain Richard de Crespigny, credited with saving 466 lives on the failed QF32 flight from Singapore - should front the message.

The video opens with Travolta, named the airline's ambassador in 2010, dressed in a pilot's uniform and hat, announcing: "This is your captain speaking - well, maybe not today. But I can guarantee that the guys on the flight deck and the greater team care just as much about aircraft safety as I do. I've been flying over 40 years as a pilot and I can tell you, there's no one I'd rather have at the controls than a Qantas pilot."

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