Much like the penal system granting condemned prisoners a final meal, Pretty Little Liars pulls out all the stops for its season finales. This finale continues the car-crashing tradition of last season's and adds a dash of bell tower hanging.

Pretty Little Liars has built itself on secret connections and shared pasts. However, the revelation that the nefarious Jenna has been canoodling with kindly Office Reynolds was a genuine shock for this show. Officer Reynolds secret life explains why he has been paying such close attention to the girls (and why he has not blown the whistle on Aria dating her teacher. Keep your friends close and your questionably moral public school teachers closer).

Meanwhile, Spencer and her sister are this year's recipients of the Pretty Little Liars annual car crash award.


With Spencer sidelined, the rest of the gang meet with Office Reynolds (that could be a deal breaker, ladies, which means potential murder in this case) to trap Spencer's brother-in-law. Given the past few weeks, the girls are confident that Ian had a part in their friend Alison's death. However, Ian hires someone off Craigslist to walk into the trap. This frees him to confront Spencer at an appropriately dramatic church.

The girls hurry to save Spencer while getting play-by-play updates of her attack via cell phone. Ian almost succeeds in getting Spencer out of his life, but a dark figure swoops in to save the day. Hopefully, this figure is Batman and the next season of this show takes on an entirely new tone.


While leaving the church, a police officer informs the girls that there is no body in the church. Classic murder prank! Or is it? A leaves the girls with some parting words until next season. . . which is only three months away. When I was a lad we had to wait entire summers for new television seasons. We also had to watch them on portable TVs, walking in snow, uphill both ways.