During the investigation of a murdered writer, Castle and Beckett find that there are fans and then there are FANS. The difference between them is that super-fans just may be obsessive enough to kill when the show doesn't go their way.

Blogging turns deadly in this investigation as an actively 'shipping' blogger makes a pretty convincing suspect for the death of the head writer on Temptation Lane. If the death threats and axe-mailing campaign weren't convincing enough, she's got that wild-eyed look that screams "If you don't believe in my OTP, I'll cut you."


It seems like Beckett is a bit more than passingly familiar with Temptation Lane and Castle isn't that shy to admit to watching General Hospital either. The entire episode is a giant nod to soaps and especially Nathan Fillion's dramatic daytime past (he used to be on One Life to Live; the episode is titled "One Life to Lose"). Guest stars include Cameron Mathison and Rebecca Budig from All My Children, and Corbin Bernsen from The Young and the Restless.

Unfortunately for Beckett and Castle, everyone from the victim's phony mother to the actors have an incentive to kill her. After whipping out a Hamlet reference, Castle discovers the real murderer and her decidedly not soap-like motive. It ends with an all too familiar warning to writers everywhere: plagiarism really doesn't pay.