Last night, How I Met Your Mother worked even more of it's Daddy-issues out when John Lithgow turns up as Barney's long-lost father. After 30+ years of expectations, Barney was less-than-thrilled to find out that his father's a boring Driver's Ed teacher.

While Barney is off facing his father, the rest of the gang is figuring out what major gaps of knowledge they each have. Ted, for example, had been mispronouncing "chameleon" for his entire life.

But no one wants to bring up Marshall's knowledge gaps because they're all afraid to upset him while he's in mourning. Marshall's not an idiot, though, and decided to abuse the situation.


It was Marshall, in fact, that convinced Barney to give his Dad another chance—because Marshall can't. The simple life his father (and his new family) leads is hard for Barney, though.

For awhile, the (new) sibling rivalry is pretty hilarious, that is—until Barney realizes that his new brother J.J.'s name stands for Jerome (John Lithgow) Junior. After leaving the table, he runs outside and tried to take down the basketball hoop until Jerome comes and helps him (and gives him the tools—cheesy!) Barney walks away, with nothing resolved, and gives the hoop to Ted for his new house.


I don't know about you guys, but I think the Daddy Issues are getting to be a bit much this season. Give me a lighthearted episode or two!

Oh, perfect: CBS put up the sappy ending. Enjoy! (Or don't.)