In your unequal Tuesday media column: women aren't the boss very much, a look at Rupert Murdoch's underling, Glenn Beck's murky future, a self-publishing superstar, and NYT paywall hacks are beside the point.

  • Here in "the media," women hold just over a quarter of the "leading managerial jobs such as chief executive officer," and about the same percentage of governing board seats. But they hold 100% of the "people complaining about the lack of women in media jobs" seats. Women! Why can't they be more like men? Hold the jobs, don't complain about not holding them. Hint hint!
  • News Corp president Chase Carey is probably going to be Rupert Murdoch's successor. He has a big mustache and a thirst for new revenue streams! He made $26 million last year! Read all about him here!
  • Sure, lots of crazy people like Glenn Beck. But advertisers pretty much hate him (too crazy!). Is his time at Fox limited? Will he "take his show on the road," so to speak? If so, someone should follow him, with thorazine.
  • Amanda Hocking has sold nearly a million copies of her own self-published books, and now she's going to become a millionaire with a real life book deal. The lesson: this will never happen to you.
  • So apparently "four lines of Javascript" will overcome the NYT paywall. Fine, fine. This should be stated clearly, though: no amount of reblogging, automatic Twittering, or computer code nerdery will have a real effect on the success or lack thereof of this paywall, because the people who will actually pay real money to read the NYT online are not the types to busy themselves searching for (relatively) obscure technological workarounds. So while those are nice and all, just keep your eye on the bottom line.

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