Aubrey O'Day has range. When she's not busily scaring her associates with her fashion risks and teaching her female "assistant" what it's like to kiss a woman, she is working her ass off trying to get a label deal.

[There was a video here]

At least Aubrey's catchy song "Hitchhiker" drove "Friday" out of my head, I thought when I woke up this morning with an earworm. Because this show is about Aubrey's search for a recording contract, we're hearing a lot of her three new singles. And you know what? That's the good part. A few years ago I went to a CMJ panel for musicians who wanted their own reality TV shows, featuring Michael Hirschorn, whose Ish Entertainment is making this series for Oxygen. He talked about the role of music in the sociological experiment genre, and the energy it supplies, and he's right. After watching All About Aubrey, I am an even bigger fan of musicians as reality stars than ever. Sure, I'd rather see Jenny Lewis or Mumford & Sons, but on the whole music on TV is a win no matter what's going on around it. Music has the power to make an overly made-up confused young woman tweeting stupid pictures of herself in outrageous (or no) outfits compelling.

Because whoa the wardrobe. Which you can buy on Oxygen! And which I hope Aubrey isn't paying any money for. There are tons of half shirts, faux furs and stiletto boots, and the gays are divided on the McQueen. Nail decals and nose shading and hair extensions. And that's just on the dogs! Har! Sigh. This week in-between the costume changes and tweeting Aubrey met with Perez Hilton to learn about herself (somehow?) and how snark blogging works, which meant there was a Teddy Hilton cameo. The Frenemies made sweet jams by giving wormy BF Sean an almost ultimatum when he said he wasn't ready emotionally or financially for kids after five years. Ditch him!! Pro tip: Find someone with a chef and have their kids. Don't you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?! And in the big hot moment, Dirty Krystal and Aubrey did a little number called "We Sucked Face In The Sauna," which made news and which pissed off her manager, rightly. Aubrey also slapped her own ass and called it "she," so, yeah. I'm mostly obsessed by my new love Doc Holliday, who I'd like to have on Team Me. And I'll be watching next week to see Trashy Krystal get her comeuppance. Let's hope it's set to music.