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Donald Trump went on The View this morning to spread his birther nonsense and talk about potentially running for president in 2012. When Barbara Walters pushed for an answer of whether or not he could win he says, "I definitely think I could beat Obama." Really, Donald? Really?

The most telling thing about his visit is he says he'd rather talk about politics than his show Celebrity Apprentice, which is why he was supposed to be on the show in the first place. The entire visit was a mess. He's saying that President Obama needs to show his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States and the fact that he hasn't proves that there's "something on it that he doesn't like." But he unilaterally declares that George Bush was born in America. By Trump's logic, shouldn't Bush be forced to show his birth certificate too? And if Trump really wants to prove his point, where is his birth certificate?

Whoopi Goldberg accurately calls his reasoning the "biggest pile of dog mess [she's] seen in a long time." Speaking of shit, smug Elisabeth Hasselbeck looked like a pig rolling in it the whole time. God, throw in Sarah Palin and this thing is a liberal's version of hell.