Today at Gawker.TV, Katie Couric hints at leaving CBS, Jimmy Kimmel speaks about his kiss with Charlie Sheen, Bill Hader's road to SNL, NeNe hates Star Jones, and Lewis Black endorses Donald Trump's possible run for the presidency.

Lewis Black Endorses Donald Trump in 2012: "You're Fired, America!"
The last time Lewis Black went to the polls it "was 1984 and that was a write-in for the California Raisins." But he's excited for 2012 because he believes Trump has the balls to be what this country needs: a dictator.

Katie Couric Hints at Leaving CBS on the Late Show
Dave turned his interview with Katie Couric into a brief interrogation about if she'll leave the network when her contract with the CBS Evening News is up in June. He grills her, suggesting that it's "not like a temp gig."

Bill Hader Shares His Road to Saturday Night Live
When Bill Hader sat down with Carson Daly, we learned how he first got into comedy, where his sketch group first practiced (in Nick Offerman's workshop, of all places) and how he made it onto Saturday Night Live.

Stephen Colbert Explores His "Raging Art-On"
In part to of Stephen's exploration into the world of art, he sits down with a panel of appraisers to set a price for his portrait's auction. Later, he attempts to generate some buzz about his painting at the pre-auction cocktail party.

Ellie Kemper Recalls When She and Conan Were Neighbors on the Upper West Side
The Office's Ellie Kemper popped up on Conan for an interview in which she told the host how she used be his intern, was too afraid to speak to him, and lived in the same neighborhood that he used to.

Jimmy Kimmel Suggests He Contracted Herpes From His Kiss with Charlie Sheen
Despite Sheen's lips tasting "like cinnamon and moonbeams," Kimmel still had a few concerns about his moment with Charlie. "They say when you kiss someone, you're kissing everyone they ever kissed. Lucky for me, most hookers don't kiss."

NeNe Leaks on Star Jones: "She is a Disaster"
While making fun of Star Jones' dedication to her Celebrity Apprentice charity, she brought up the fact that she believes that during her open-heart surgery, the doctors forgot to "put her heart back in." Tell us how you really feel!

Ellen Calls Out Selena Gomez For Lying About Her Relationship with Justin Bieber
Ellen played a clip of Selena Gomez publicly denying her relationship with some Canadian pop star when she was last on the show. Selena tried to laugh it off but Ellen managed to get in a sufficient number of incest jokes.

Billy Ray Cyrus: "I Just Want to Put My Family Back Together"
Billy Ray Cyrus was on Good Morning America this morning to talk about the GQ article that got him in hot water, and how fame has changed his family.

Vera Wang Collects Dogs From Ex-Boyfriends and Other Eccentricities
Famed wedding dress designer Vera Wang dropped by Chelsea Lately last night to discuss her new line for David's Bridal, which will allow peasants everywhere to get a little taste of bridal couture. The beautiful designer also mentioned her penchant for pets and vodka.

Wendy Williams and Jennifer Hudson Talk "Magic Hair," Weight Loss
Today on the Wendy Williams Show, guest Jennifer Hudson stopped by so Wendy could interrogate her about her weight, dress size, and everything in between. Hudson also shares that her son doesn't understand the concept of hair that isn't removable.

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet Talks About Wearing Short-Shorts
On Conan, Eric Stonestreet talked about the many pairs of short-shorts that his character wears on Modern Family. Then, he admitted to stuffing his bike shorts because he's "hung like a small woodland creature."