Justin Bieber's hair sold for a staggering $40,668 on eBay when Ellen DeGeneres auctioned it off for charity. Now, it's traveling the country on its own mini US tour. Would you like your picture taken next to a little plastic box of Bieber's hair? Head on down to the Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge in Miami Beach next Tuesday. But it will cost you.

From the press release:

Miami-based Stone Rose known for creating fine fit men's wovens and blazers, have on loan from Golden Palace, the most famous hair in show business, Justin Bieber's. Stone Rose will host a "picture day" where fans will be invited to take a photo with Bieber's hair in exchange for a suggested charity donation that will benefit Operation USA, which provides relief for the tsunami victims in Japan.

Justin Bieber posters will be gifted to the first 50 fans to make a donation.

Justin Bieber's disembodied hair is doing more to help Japan's earthquake survivors than you ever will. How does that make you feel, America?