Death references abound in the penultimate episode of Top Chef as the three remaining contestants prepare "last suppers" for a trio of celebrity chefs. Which two chefs survive to compete another day? And who is sent to the chopping block?

With just three chefs remaining, it comes as no surprise that the difficulty of the challenges has increased - but this week's Quickfire was especially demanding. Each chef had to bestow upon another a notable Quickfire from previous seasons, and since Mike was last week's winner, he dealt the first blow, giving cousin Antonia the admittedly difficult dried and canned foods challenge. Antonia gave Richard the hot dog challenge, and Richard gave Mike the "one pot" task. In the middle of cooking, however, Padma and guest judge Wolfgang Puck returned to give each chef their own memorable twists to further complicate their dishes. Richard had to cook using only one hand, Carla came back to be "aproned" to Antonia, and Mike was robbed of his hand utensils. However, Mike's one-pot, utensil-less pork and beans ended up not being the challenge Antonia and Richard had hoped it would be, and the gloating jerk ended up with the Quickfire victory.


For the Elimination Challenge, each contestant was given the task of preparing a special "last supper" for one of three famous chefs - Wolfgang Puck, Masaharu Morimoto, and Michelle Bernstein. However, like in the Quickfire, the chefs were choosing not for themselves, but for their competitors. Obviously the most difficult chef to prepare a personalized meal for would be Morimoto (as none of the remaining chefs are particularly schooled in Japanese cuisine) - and naturally, that's who Mike chose for Antonia.

First with the canned food quickfire, and now with the Sashimi, Antonia is rightly incensed by Jersey Mikey. But saying, "Mikey gave it to me twice today" doesn't quite sound right...even though they're very distant cousins!

Richard sailed smoothly into the finale with his goulash, spatzel, and apple strudel prepared for Wolfgang Puck. But which of the Italian cousins would be joining him in the next round? Padma brought out the envelope hinted at earlier in the episode, and announced that Antonia and Mike would have to construct "one last bite" to decide who would take the final spot. Unfortunately, Mike narrowly won over Antonia, thus subjecting the audience to another week of his gross, fat neck. Sigh.