Globetrotting grifter Sarah Palin sat down with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren last night to discuss Libya, her recent vacation, you name it. What she would not spend the whole interview doing is "whining" about the "liberal press," her favorite activity which she's quitting now that she's "made my point."

The great snow queen snuck in one last whine about the lamestream media's double standards, before quitting forever:

But my point is gonna be — so what? You know, let's just work harder, produce more, produce better, and get over it. You know, I am through whining about a liberal press that holds, especially conservative women, to a different standard. Because it doesn't do me any good to whine about it. I made my point."

See? The perpetual whining is over... at least the whining about her personal coverage, that is, as she clarified on Twitter a couple of hours ago: "I'll hold LSM accountable MORE THAN EVER;my comment acknowledged personal coverage(not unfairness to others).Happy to defend others re: bias." So now she'll just whine on behalf of everybody else. YOU'RE WELCOME.

[via TPM]