Some guy from New Jersey is auctioning off a New York phone number with a "coveted" 212 area code on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1 million. Who on earth is terrible enough to pay that? No one, hopefully. But "Carmen" is giving it a shot! He explained how people's insecurities will make him rich to the Daily News:

"Individuals come because they don't want to get stuck with a 347 or 646 from the phone company, which makes them look like they are new to the city."

Oh, the horror of having people find out that you're not actually from New York! If you're interested, don't feel uneasy about sending this man $1 million for a phone number, because his eBay feedback is 100% positive. One person even wrote, "i'm buying what ever he's selling ..... you can trust this guy." But we found other 212 numbers for sale on eBay, too. Like the "Xtra Posh" 212-300-303X available for just $1,000. Some go for far less than that even. However, we've got to give Carmen a little credit: He plans to use the money to pay for the care of his elderly mother, which is very commendable. And if someone is stupid enough to pay that much money for a fucking phone number, well, they deserve to be ripped off.