Do you know what the fastest growing group of American youths is, besides no-good little delinquents who think Justin Bieber invented the wheel, you ignorant little brats? Multiracial youths! Single-race kids are kind of nerds, now.

It's all part of the slow evolution of humanity into one common shade of light brown, thanks to lots and lots of fucking, by everyone. Embrace it! The latest census data tells the sexxxy American tale. The NYT reports:

Among American children, the multiracial population has increased almost 50 percent, to 4.2 million, since 2000, making it the fastest growing youth group in the country. The number of people of all ages who identified themselves as both white and black soared by 134 percent since 2000 to 1.8 million people, according to census data released Thursday.

The most common multiracial combination now, for the first time, is black and white. There is no post-racial America, but there is, indeed, a multiracial America: one in which Americans of all races and colors feel free to ask out attractive people of all other races and colors, and to have sex with them, and make babies, if they're into that. Sexy at last, sexy at last. Thank god almighty, we're all sexy at last.

[NYT. Photo: Shutterstock]