Child prodigy Jacob Barnett took time out of his busy day attending Indiana Univeristy-Purdue University Indianapolis and developing an new expanded theory of relativity to teach us some calculus. He has to use his kitchen window because his white board is so full of theories... seriously.

Let's be honest, we're all waiting for the movie about his life story. When Jake was diagnosed with Asberger's Syndrome at an early age, his parents feared he would never be able to participate in the outside world. They embraced a technique called "floor-time therapy", encouraging him to spend time with what interested him instead of trying to force him to be "normal", and found him beginning to come out of his shell. By the age of three he was memorizing over 100 digits of pi and asking complex questions about astronomy. Nine years later, Jake is a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, starting to eclipse the level at which his professors can instruct him... and as if that was not enough, he has a girlfriend. While he already seems like a success story, considering Jake is currently developing further Einstein's theory of relativity and is being courted by the Institute of Advanced Study, I think we can all agree his career is not going to end with YouTube video

[Viral Viral Videos via USA Today]