Last night was the season finale of Jersey Shore. It's the end of the summer and our Guido heroes must part ways. There were tearful goodbyes and, of course, Sammi and Ronnie had to break up for the 7,183rd time.

[There was a video here]

Since we're at the end of the season I want to take this as an opportunity to look at how the house treats Sammi. I will be the first to say that Sammi is annoying. She is annoying, bratty and whiny. After this season, though, I just feel bad for her. The past few episodes have been one thing after another for her. I guess the problem is she talked to some guy named Arvin when her and Ronnie were broken up. Something Ronnie is unjustifiably furious at her for at her for. They were broken up! She could talk to whoever she wanted to. He has no right to be mad at her. He has no right to scream at her when she's wasted at 4 AM. On top of that, the rest of the house takes Ronnie's side every single time they fight. Yeah they bitch about Ron and Sam's fighting all the time, but you know they must love it. There was a time this season where Ronnie and Sammi were not fighting and things had calmed down. But then the Situation had to ruin it by telling Ron that Sam had talked to some guy when they were broken up! Why? Just, why? How is that any of his business? He had to know he was fuelling the fire. Yes, she is annoying, but this is excessive. I think it's gotten to the point where she acts the way she does because she is constantly getting yelled at by her housemates. Whether that be her boyfriend yelling at her, or the rest of the house. It never ends! What I really want to say is this- lay off Sammi. I would be a bitch too if I was constantly getting harassed by drunken idiots.

See you next season, where the gang will immediately become the next tourist attaction in Italy.