For Abed's birthday, Jeff went above and beyond his normal "detached, cool guy" demeanor and planned a surprise birthday party for Abed. But it wasn't just any birthday party. Because Abed idolizes Quentin Tarantino, it was a Pulp Fiction surprise party.

Unfortunately, Abed wasn't into the idea and wanted to have a conversation with Jeff at dinner instead. The party was being held where Britta works, and her job was on the line.


After Abed's story of his visit to the Cougar Town set, Jeff admitted his embarrassing story when suddenly, the waiter gave up the guise: Abed was doing My Dinner with Andre all along.

But in the end, the gang had the party anyway and it was nice. A definite deviation from the regular Community episodes—and a large deviation from the plot. Just tell us who Shirley's baby-daddy is, will you?!