Here's a trailer for the new Three Musketeers 3D movie that someone thought was a good idea to make. It's all CGI'd and Matrixed out, with slo-mo fighting and diving and swordplay and all that nonsense. It also features Milla Jovovich and Orlando Bloom, two of our finest actors, not to mention Logan Lerman, the up-and-coming young fellow who starred in the beautiful gem Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

So that's a pretty good pedigree. Oh, and it's directed by Aliens vs. Predator genius Paul W.S. Anderson (just look at his oeuvre, it's truly a thing of beauty), so it ought to be really narratively coherent and will never skimp on logic for the sake of a cool effect that doesn't actually look that cool. Never!

The thing I really don't understand about this trailer is this: it's a Three Musketeers movie and yet where is Chris O'Donnell and why didn't they feature the Bryan Adams song in the preview? That's the moneymaker right there! C'mon, guys. [via /Film]