On last night's American Idol, the judges used the season's lone save to keep Casey Abrams, the bearded 19-year-old who looks, as commenter Wolfsheim suggested, exactly like Will Ferrell's portrayal of Blue Oyster Cult cowbell enthusiast Gene Frenkle, from going home.

[There was a video here]

You're relieved, right? You love Casey because he reminds you of that guy who lived on the same floor as you freshman year of college- the one who was always inviting you to come by and smoke pot, but never expected you to pay or have sex with him. Like we said yesterday, it's weird to see that type of guy in a competition like this especially when he can't sing very well. Weirder still, the judges LOVE him. Why? It's not like he reminds them of their college acquaintances because none of them went to college (I'm making this claim having done no research because I'm lazy/very mean) and yet they barely had to discuss whether or not they were going to use the save on him. Jennifer even said something along the lines of "I don't understand why America can't see what we see in you, you precious precious diamond." She's right, though. We can't see what they see in him. His latest performance (Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine") was legitimately terrible, and yet it caused Steven Tyler to go on about how great it was in that magical rhyming nonsense language of his while Randy shouted, "DUDE DAWG DOOOOOOOPE."

No one was more relieved than Casey himself. He kept it together when he thought he was going home, but once he found out that he was safe to stay he turned into a shaking hyperventilating mess (college dorm guy would NOT have acted that way). I used to think that, when it comes to Idol, nothing provides more schadenfreude than watching a rejected contestant breakdown mid song, but it turns out that watching a saved contestant breakdown post song is even better worse! Congratulations, Casey?