Tim Ferriss, the self-help guru behind the '4-hour Workweek', is a god to bros who dream of fashioning themselves into blisteringly efficient Web 2.0 business robots just like him. Ferriss' obsession with self-improvement means that the way he deals with people who aren't himself is to basically be as big of an asshole as possible in the service of his own quest for perfection. So it's no surprise that his solution to an overflowing inbox is as considerate as a 120-pound kettleball to the nuts.

From the New York Times:

last month while he was on a four-week vacation to Colombia, Panama and Jordan, anyone who sent an e-mail message to Mr. Ferriss received his "nuclear" response. It begins: "Thank you for your email. Sadly, it will be deleted. To regain sanity, I am taking a break from e-mail until March. If still relevant, please email me again in the month of March."

Wow, a whole month free of email! If we took even a day off email, every one of our meaningful business and personal relationships would crumble. But that's because we're not New Age ubermenschs like Tim Ferriss. The guy will respond to your email when he's back from Panama, Goddamnit, and you will cherish that email like your firstborn child.

[Image via Anne Helmond's Flickr]