Sunday is probably a good day to talk about regrets, considering the regrettable things we may have done last night. (Hint: it involved a live octopus and three boxes of graham crackers.) For a new study, a couple of psychologists called up 370 random Americans and asked them to detail their biggest regret. Unsurprisingly, "romance" topped the list.

You can see the complete breakdown of regrets above. The authors offer additional insight into their study:

Women, who tend to value social relationships more than men, have more regrets of love (romance, family) compared to men. Conversely, men were more likely to have work-related (career, education) regrets. Those who lack either higher education or a romantic relationship hold the most regrets in precisely these areas.

Americans with high levels of education had the most career-related regrets. Apparently, the more education obtained, the more acute may be the sensitivity to aspiration and fulfillment. Moreover, the youngest and least-educated people in our sample, who most likely possess the greatest capability of fixing their regrets, were indeed the most likely to provide fixable regrets.

And here's an interesting tidbit: Regret over the that fact that you did something is more intense than regretting the fact that you didn't do something, though the latter is a longer-lasting regret. Conclusion: You should never take risks in life, especially if those risks involve a live octopus and lots of cheap vodka. Ouch. [via Mindhacks]