Get ready for some truly horrible jokes from our nation's least funny people, political pundits: Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs may be joining Facebook in "a senior role in helping to manage the company's communications."

According to The New York Times, Gibbs, who left the White House last month, is being pressured by Facebook to take the job instead of setting up President Obama's re-election campaign in Chicago, as he originally intended to do. (He has also been bandied about a possible head of the DNC.) He'd likely be offered a multimillion-dollar cash salary, as well as shares ahead of an expected IPO next year.

Neither Gibbs nor Facebook would comment on the Times item, and until they do, we beg of you, politics and tech writers, please refrain from any of the following:

  • Jokes about what Robert Gibbs "likes."
  • Jokes about whom Robert Gibbs is "friending"/"defriending."
  • Jokes about who might play Robert Gibbs in a hypothetical sequel to The Social Network.
  • Jokes involving lines, scenes, characters, or actors from The Social Network, including any marketing campaigns or slogans from the same.
  • Photoshop mock-ups or image macros involving the Facebook GUI and Robert Gibbs.

Ha, who are we kidding! As if we could stop politics or tech writers from making terrible jokes. "Maureen Dowd made twenty-two hundred jokes about Gibbs on Facebook within two hours?" "Thousand. Twenty-two thousand." "Wow."

[NYT; image via AP]