If you have not been watching Bob's Burgers you should be. Last night's episode was my favorite by far and here are some clips that I believe were funny enough to share.

Louise and her dad spend quality time together watching late night TV and making fun of all the different people during a little game they like to call burn unit. An old spaghetti western comes on when Gene her older brother comes into the room and for the first time father and son have something to bond over, and Louise feels left out.

Gene, now with the help of Banjo a character from the westerns he has been watching has the balls to go can go up against Choo-Choo his nemeisis at school.


The mom Linda is overjoyed to find out she gets to cook for her daughter Tina's conflict-resolution club fundraiser and go up against her rival who cooked the food for it last year.

While Tina is just happy to be apart of the conflict-resolution club and too practice the clubs motto A.B.S.