If you're unfortunate enough to live in meth country — basically south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and across the Midwest all the way to Riverside County — soon you might be screwed if you get a cold or your allergies act up.

Why? You've probably seen enough bad television to know that meth heads like to stockpile over-the-counter decongestants which contain pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in producing meth. Now, following Mississippi's (shocker) and Oregon's lead, several states have proposed bills that would require a prescription to buy drugs like Sudafed to keep meth heads from "smurfing," or buying small amounts of decongestants from every pharmacy in town. Oh, cool. Imagine having to pay a doctor just so you can buy Sudafed?

Here's an idea: Instead of requiring a prescription, stop selling decongestants to people with no teeth who drive up in a rusted out 1982 K car.