Libraries: who needs them? We all have our very own libraries by the name of "The Internet" at our fingertips now, and these libraries include porn. So what can old public libraries do to keep up? First, toss those books.

The LA times reports that Newport Beach, California is leading the way towards a bold new future in which libraries are freed of their obligations to have all those damn shelves. Instead, a "Netflix-like system" will allow you to order the books you want. And look at what else is missing:

Instead of a reference librarian, patrons would be greeted by a kiosk equipped with video-calling software that would allow them to speak with employees elsewhere. And books - when ordered - would be dropped off at a locker for pickup.

Uhh... no sexxxy librarians or stacks in which to have an illicit fling with said sexxxy librarian who just asked you for "a little help" reaching the high shelf? What's the point?

[LAT, image via Shutterstock]