Getting contraband into prison is pretty tricky. Inmates and those on the outside have gone to great lengths to get things like phones, drugs, cigarettes and other stuff inside. And this latest trick from south Jersey is pretty good, actually, and was only discovered after someone snitched.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, a mailroom officer in the Cape May County Correctional Center noticed "an orangey substance blotted on the page" of some pages torn from Snow White and Cinderella coloring books after being tipped off. The substance was suboxone — a narcotic used to wean addicts off heroin and oxcycontin that gets you high (just maybe don't shoot it). Addressed "To Daddy," the drugs were being sent to three prisoners by two women outside of the prison, one of whom is still on the run.

This should serve as a lesson to other inmates: Don't brag about your drug smuggling operation! You never know who's snitching to the man.

[via Fark; image via Cape May County Sheriff's Department]