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Georgia Republican Rep. Bobby Franklin thinks miscarriages are actually secret murders and that paper money is a fraud. And he gets a lot of support for those positions. In fact, according to his home answering machine, everyone who calls him is a supporter!

As Mother Jones first noted, if you call Franklin's home phone number—and if you're interested in doing so, perhaps to let him know what you think of his bill requiring mothers who miscarry to prove there was "no human involvement" in the miscarriage or face "pre-natal" murder charges, he put the number on his web site here—you get this hilarious outgoing message:

This is State Representative Bobby Franklin. Thank you for calling to give me encouragement about my sponsorship of House Bill 1, recognizing that pre-natal murder is murder. I'm not able to take that encouragement right now, so at the tone please leave your name, number, and a message.

Sorry telemarketers, I'll have to get your abortion-hating encouragement later! Leave a message of support for my anti-pre-natal legislation, mom, and I'll call you back when I get it. Here's hoping he upgrades to an abortion-is-murder answering machine rap.