This is a recent ad by the CAGW. According to them, if we stay our current course, 19 years from now the United States will be owned by China. America will fall like the Roman Empire and we'll all work exclusively for the Chinese. Really?

At first, this commercial bothered me. Blatant racism, mocking our great nation, glowing microphones. Disgusting. Then, I shrugged it off. It has just the amount of substance to get you irked for a minute or two, or at least until you realize how absurd this notion really is. America falling like Roman & Greek Empires? I mean, think about it. Is it even remotely possible? I just can't see it happening.

This ad, developed by Swineline & the Citizens Against Government Waste, has an agenda. It's sole purpose is to get people upset to the point where they, or you, do something about it. Phone your governor! Email your congressman! Support your local sheriff! Or maybe I'm missing something and it's message is completely different. I don't have the answers- I just think this ad is wildly inaccurate, racist and farcical.

How does it make you feel? Does it bother you? If so, why?