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Here's an internet leak that could well spark yet another revolution — a Dance Dance Revolution. For a brief moment back in December 2009, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange let down his famously icy walls, and became one with the music at an empty Reykjavík discotheque.

The DJ who shot the footage says he had no idea who the snowy-haired man performing this feverishly disinhibited white man's dance was. He just dug his groove.

"[Assange] hesitated at first and I told him that I would not put them on Facebook," he said. "I thought it was cool that an older guy was going crazy to our music, since we played for a younger crowd."

It was a simpler time for Assange, who is 39. One year later, his name atop the US State Department's hit list, a judge would order those light feet back to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault. But right there, right then, the work could wait. The only thing in need of leaking that night was his irrepressible feel for the beat.

[Forbes, video via YouTube]