During last night's episode of Archer, we got to learn a lot more about the show's "lesser" characters, Cheryl and Pam. When Pam gets abducted by people who think that she's actually Cheryl, we learn that Cheryl's had a secret all along.

Yes, Cheryl is not just any office weirdo, she's a weirdo who is heir to the billion-dollar throne of her ancestor's train-tracking business. Who knew?

Archer is confused by the voice scrambler when the abductors call, but we then find out how easy it is for Pam to take a beating.


We also find out a cute little term for women you're embarrassed to admit you're sleeping with—a "moped."

When the abductors called and asked how much money ISIS would pay to return Pam safely, Mallory went with a mere $5,000. This is Pam's retaliation.