Not every show on television can be Glee, and Grey's Anatomy proved this theory last night with their "interesting" take on the dramatic musical. Sure, many of the cast members have appeared on Broadway before, but that does not mean the trainwreck was worth the extra three minutes that screwed up your DVR last night.

Let's begin! Above is a selection of the very-first bit of the episode, where we find out that there's been a car crash—and Callie is left barely clinging to life. Here's where the writers show us that the episode is, in fact, a musical episode and we're introduced to the idea that Callie's "soul" will be our guide through this heinous sing-a-long.

Perhaps the weirdest musical number in the whole show was this little ditty. It featured Callie in a dream-state where she's still driving in a car—spliced together with every other cast member getting down and dirty with their significant others. I suppose it was a welcome break from the rest of the show, which had a somber/serious tone.


While the clip you just saw was laughable, the dramatic songs were really cringe-inducing. It was nothing short of awkward to see the actors jump right into song while trying to resuscitate one of the show's most-loved characters. Even more concerning? The seriousness that these actors are portraying while singing this pop hit from a few years back.

While watching the episode, I couldn't help but wonder how annoyed some of the cast members must have been to be partaking in what could definitely be called a "jump the shark" moment if the show hadn't already fallen off our radar years ago. More than anything, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind. How did you feel about the episode? Feel free to weigh in below!