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Charges for Lindsay Lohan's alleged assault of a Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland have been dropped, and now we've been treated to audio from the 911 call that started the mess. Turns out Lindsay called the cops because she was scared of Dawn.

"I'm sorry, but I'm really uncomfortable with the woman in our house," a shaky-voiced Lohan cries. "She's freaking me out." Then Dawn gets on the line and tells the dispatcher not to listen to Lindsay. The women fight over the phone, prompting Dawn to shout, "I'll sue you!" Lindsay tearily cries, "So you want money?" When Dawn returns to the call, she tells the dispatcher that she wants to file a complaint, against the sobbing girl who just said she was afraid of her.

As it turns out, Dawn did want money. Betty Ford fired Holland for breaking medical privacy laws by selling interviews, documents, and photographs to the press. There were also rumors of multiple pay-off attempts.

Moral of the story: If the people in charge of you at rehab are jerks, you're screwed. But if you have access to money, it'll turn out fine in the end.

[Video via ABC]