If you're anything like me, you spent many afternoons after school enthralled by the adventures of Lion-O and his fellow ThunderCats. Banking on collective nerd nostalgia (guilty!) and the exploitable ignorance of kids more than half my age who have no clue this isn't an entirely new phenomenon, Cartoon Network is remaking the show.

The network debuted this snippet at WonderCon, a gathering for nostalgic nerds who still have a ThunderCats lunchbox on their book shelf (guilty!). It looks like they're keeping the general myth of the show intact—a young ruler of a race of talking cats and his friends are exiled to a foreign planet after the destruction of their world—but it's been given a fancy Japan-amation gloss that kids these days can't live without. Sure, the original episodes look mighty dated, but do we have to go monkeying around with our childhood? Whatever you do, please don't touch the perfection that is Jem!