Guess some people don't mind being told what to watch as much as I do. Cable's new crop of prestige dramas—AMC's The Killing, Reelz' The Kennedys, and Showtime's The Borgias—all performed rather well last night.

The Killing attracted 2.7 million viewers, making it AMC's second-biggest series premiere. (Considering AMC has only been making its own shows for a few years, that's like a rookie having his best game of the season on opening day). Reelz scored nearly 2 million pairs of eyeballs for The Kennedys, which is pretty miraculous considering no one had even heard of the channel until a few weeks ago when it swooped down to snatch up the controversial miniseries about America's royal family after the History Channel canceled it.

Even the big loser of the night was still a winner. The Jeremy Irons sex and costumes fest The Borgias on Showtime found 1.5 million viewers between its many airings on Sunday night. That's the channel's best debut in quite some time. Between these new shows, Real Housewives of Orange County, and the delightful trainwreck of Celebrity Apprentice, Sunday is quickly becoming the busiest TV night of all.