Someone sent America's most Muslim-hating congressman, Rep. Peter King (R - N.Y.), a package containing a bloody pig's foot—accompanied by an anti-Semitic note exhorting King to "Kiss my black Muslim ass." Time to find the congressional gift declaration form!

According to HuffPo's Michael McAuliffe, the thoughtful present was reportedly sent by a woman who appeared to take issue with Rep. King's recent hearings on the radicalization of Muslims:

"There's blood, there's the severed foot. The message refers to Mohammed, and it says all babies in America would be named Mohammed," the source said. "It also says, 'Kiss my black Muslim ass.'"

The message also referred to King as a "Jew," even though he is Catholic.

But questions remain! Can King keep his lovely new bloody pig's foot, given the House of Representatives' strict ethical guidelines? According to the House Ethics Committee's website, yes: Rep. King is permitted to accept the bloody pig's foot, provided that a) its cost is less than 50 dollars (seems likely), and b) his generous new friend is not a registered lobbyist (hmmm). Either way, he'll have to recover it from the Capitol Police and the U.S. Postal Service, who appeared to have seized it for themselves, the greedy guts.

[HuffPo; image via AP]