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Like Gwyneth Paltrow before him, rapper and mogul Jay-Z thinks that he knows exactly how you should live your life. He quietly launched his new website Life and Times today, and it proposes how you should dress, what music you should listen to, and which crazy cloud pictures you should look at.

The cloud pictures are Hova's only editorial contribution to the site so far. (It appears under the byline "SC," which we initially thought stood for "Something Cheesy" before realizing it was for "Shawn Carter.") Still, Jay-Z has put some serious cash into this very attractive site with several editorial staff members on board and a generous helping of fashion, lifestyle, design, and music content. Ambitious indeed.

But are fans of his music really going to want to read a Q&A with chef Daniel Boulud? We'll have to see, but there's one thing that's already clear: Like Paltrow's GOOP, this sure feels like another rich person trying to tell us we're not good enough because we can't afford all the fancy things he likes (and probably doesn't even pay for). When will celebrities figure out that we already feel bad enough about being poor without them rubbing your $250 ties in our faces all the time?