[There was a video here]

When a crazy lady attacked Paul Gauguin's "Two Tahitian Women" in the National Gallery earlier this week, it wasn't just an attack on one painting; it was an attack on local TV news directors having an easy day, for once.

Because this old painting shows women who wantonly possess nipples, which is, by custom, something we don't acknowledge here in the USA of Television. Lisa de Moraes reports that most DC-area news directors did the journalistic thing, and... covered up the breasts, or cropped them out, or in the case of Washington's Fox affiliate (video above), just digitally erased the erotic, entrancing, source-of-all-evil nipples entirely. "I probably spent under 10 seconds making this decision," on local news director proudly proclaimed. Good for you, sir!

God forbid a child see a nipple. They'd regress.

[WaPo via Pat's Papers, video via MyFoxDC]