Here's a trailer for Everything Must Go, a dramedy (ick) based on Raymond Carver's short story "Why Don't You Dance." In it Ferrell plays a sadsack who loses his job and his wife on the same day, has something of a psychic break, and decides to live with all of his stuff on his front lawn.

There's also a weird little kid and they learn things from each other, plus the sunny brunette presence of Rebecca Hall as a potential love interest. This trailer mostly shows the comedy side, but there are definite hints of melancholy and wistfulness, just as we saw in Ferrell's Stranger Than Fiction, the 2006 only-sorta-successful Kaufman-lite film that marked Ferrell's first major foray into the realm of dramatic acting. For me, comedians attempting drama is always fascinating, so I'm as curious to see this as I was Stranger, but I sense that maybe other people aren't quite as intrigued by comedian crossovers. How about you?