After reported attempts to abduct female students at Rider University and The College of New Jersey, Tony Kadyhrob—who looks like Christopher Walken but is just a guy from Lawrence, NJ—has taken his creepy sideshow to Princeton. He's an upwardly mobile wannabe kidnapper?

This mustachioed gentleman who is not Captain Koons arrived at the preppiest Ivy this morning, according to a campus safety alert:

From: "Donald P. Reichling" <[redacted]@PRINCETON.EDU>
To: [redacted]
Subject: Campus Safety Alert

Princeton University
Department of Public Safety

Campus Safety Alert

This notice is to advise you of an incident that concerns the University community

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incident: Luring suspect

The Department of Public Safety is alerting community members that the luring suspect identified as Tony Kadyhrob was observed in the Borough of Princeton around 10:21a.m. today, April 6.

A community member observed the individual on Wiggins Street in Princeton Borough and called Public Safety, who notified the Princeton Borough Police. Princeton Borough and Princeton Township Police stopped and positively identified the subject as Tony Kadyhrob, who was recently charged with luring of a female undergraduate student at Rider University and also was recently stopped by campus police at the College of New Jersey. Kadyhrob was later released today by Princeton Borough Police because he was not seen on university or school properties.

Below is a picture of the individual, who was last seen wearing a bright blue jacket and carrying manila folders. If he is seen on University property, please contact Public Safety at (609) 258-3333 or dial 911 from a University phone.

We remind all community members of our general crime prevention tips listed on our website, including:

• Report suspicious persons or activity immediately by calling 911.
• Always lock your door.
• Avoid leaving keys in door locks or outside of room doors.
• Avoid leaving doors propped open.
• Always lock your window screens and windows.
• Use a cable lock to secure your laptop computer.
• Engrave valuables — computers, stereos, cameras, etc. — for identification.

The Federal Clery Act requires that universities with a campus public safety agency must, in a manner that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes, report to the campus community crimes that fall into certain categories and that are considered by the university to represent a continuing threat to the campus community. The Department of Public Safety refers to these notices as "Campus Safety Alerts." This Campus Safety Alert is issued according to this requirement

Donald P. Reichling
Princeton University
Department of Public Safety

Here's hoping Kadyhrob doesn't actually kidnap anyone. All our Christopher Walken jokes would be so awkward in retrospect.


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