We've seen countless time-lapse videos taken in New York, but still when we stumble upon a great one, we can't help but stare with rapt attention.

Here's a wonderful one by the aptly-named James Ogle, which is set to music by Explosions in the Sky. It relies heavily on footage in and around Columbus Circle, but strays to other areas of Manhattan and includes a couple of shots of Brooklyn, too. (And is that Roosevelt Island, the rarely-spotted Chupacabra of the New York time-lapse photography world?)

For those Manhattan yuppies in search of a little something different, here's a fast-moving tilt-shift video of Jackson Hole, Wyoming—that beloved winter playground of the rich—that makes the slopes look like a miniature village. I'm not a huge fan of the grating Pink Floyd remix, but if you put it on mute, it's still pretty awesome.